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Scar treatments and remedies come in various forms and very in background, effectiveness and ease of use such as silicone gel sheets, pure silicone sheet, silicone liquid/gel/cream based applications and non-silicone scar cream.

Syprex Skin Science offers SyCream scar and stretch mark cream, a non-silicone scar cream that works on hypertrophic and keloid scars as well as burns, bites, indented scars caused by acne or other injuries.

Scar creams offer a scar reduction solution that is convenient and easy to use. SyCream blends in quickly and only a small amount is needed once or twice a day to begin seeing changes that occur faster (30-50% less time) than silicone gel such as Neosporin Scar Solution, Retouch, Scar Fx, Scarfix, Novagel, Cica Care, or pure silicone scar sheets such as ReJuveness or Syprex Scar Sheet alone. SyCream claims to work faster as well as being the leading treatment for acne scars and offers a superior scar remedy when used under any silicone scar sheet. ReJuveness also offers a similar scar cream to Syprex's scar cream.

While sunscreen is important to cover a scar with, it is unclear what benefit scarcreams, whose active ingredient is a sunscreen, has over conventional and inexpensive sunscreens that are widely available.

Vitamin E is not recommended for treating scars. It has been shown in studies to be ineffective and may cause an allergic reaction in over 30% of those using it in the scar study.

Onion extract was not shown to be effective in a study performed by Mederma and in some cases made the scar worse. Additional studies have shown onion extract unable to improve scars. Products containing onion extract or allium cepa should not be considered as an effective scar treatment.

Steroid injections have proven effective in older scars.

New Information: New studies support TGF-beta3, control of aptosis(cell death) and intracellular signaling as latest in treating scars or PKC - protein kinase C inhabition. Formulations that contain ceremides or sphingoid bases AND able to penetrate the stratum corneum(outer layer of skin) or deeper may provide the most effective in scar management technology.

Scar Treatment and Scar Cream List and active ingredient(s)

  • Syprex Scar Cream & Syprex Pure Silicone Sheet Extensive line of scar treatments.
  • Cica Care - Silicone gel sheets
  • Biodermis - Silicone liquid, gel and gel sheets. One of the oldest scar treatments companies.
  • Mederma - Onion extract
  • Scar Heal - Scar Cream containing many ingredients including Dimethicone(silicone), Onion extract, Glucosamine.  Addtional Scar Cream product is RejuvaScar containing Hydrocortisone and dimethicone(silicone).
  • Scar Fx (See Scar Heal above) Silicone gel sheet
  • ReJuveness - Pure silicone scar sheet Scar Cream (same ingredients as SyCream) Hyper Heal scar cream
  • Dermaheal - Offers same products as ReJuveness -  Same scar cream and silicone scar sheet (see SyCream Scar Cream and Syprex)
  • Scar Zone - Sun screen
  • Tru Derm - Sun screen
  • Dermablend - Sunscreen and coverup/makeup(Not a scar treatment)
  • Kelo Cote - Silicone liquid
  • Neosporin Scar Solution - Silicone 
  • Scarfix - Silicone Gel Sheet and Cream
  • ScarRedux - (See Scarfix above)
  • Scar Esthetique - Copper Peptides(increases collogen production-not good for raised scars)Arnica(homeopathic aid but affects are negated when used with other ingredients)Onion Extract, dimethecone and more. Not clear on how effective since some ingredients are counter productive to others. Has before and after pictures.
  • RejuvaSil Scar Reduction - Dimethicone, Emu Oil, Squalene, Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vit C) 
  • Talsyn-CI  - Many herbal ingredients. Not clear how effective but may provide some benefit through, though unproven, ingredients.
  • Oleeva - Silicone gel sheet with fabric backing to keep it from falling apart with use.
  • Derma E - Onion Extract, allantoin, DL-Panthenol