If you have ever found yourself with burn marks, you know that these are typically hard to get rid of.

Many people suggest using home remedies, but they take forever to work and sometimes even fail to work with burn scar removal cream.

But when summer looms, you have to get your body beach-ready.

So if you are wondering whether over-the-counter creams work, we have news for you – they do!

How to Treat Burn Marks?


What a burn scar needs are moisture and coverage. This is what the creams work best with.

To top that, some of the creams also come with ingredients that will help the healing process work faster. This is what the creams work best with.

But doctors recommend not putting the medicine on until a few weeks – till the wound has healed.

Ideally, the best time to start applying any mark removal cream is right after the wound has healed.

With the right burn scar removal cream, you should start seeing the effects from four weeks itself – depending upon the degree of the burn.

One thing you have to take care of is your diet because if you are not feeding your body a lot of nutrients and hydrating, then it will just prolong the process.

As the norm goes, cutting out junk food and going with proper, healthy diet is essential for a faster recovery in this aspect.

But if that were the only thing that helped with burn marks on the skin, then it would have been a delight.

Sadly, that is not the single most criteria for you to get on with burn scar removal.

There are different types of scars, and therefore there are various methods to get them removed.

Types of Burn Scars and Methods To Remove Them

Minor Burns
When the burns are minor, the first and foremost thing to do is treat it with water. This type of treatment can be done at home.

You just place your hand under running cold water. One should not use too cold water as it can make things worse.

After this, you can take painkillers.

But only after the burning sensation has subsided, you use the scar removal cream.

This is why different types of burns have various stages during which the scar removal creams are taken out.

For this kind of burn, you should choose a burn marks removal cream that has mild ingredients because you don’t want the area to get irritated further.

You need a cream that will soothe the area down.

On top of this, the cream must also moisturize the area. Ensure that you use a good quality moisturizer for this so that your skin remains hydrated.

Ensure that you use a good quality moisturizer for this so that your skin remains hydrated.

Moderate burn scars
The mild burn scars can be tough to treat. They cause the skin’s texture to change permanently.

This is what causes major scarring – but you don’t have to worry.

If you happen to have blisters on the burnt area, make sure not to pop it as it could make the condition worse.

What you initially need to do is to apply a cold compress.

But it is best to steer clear of any remedy that you are not entirely sure about.

Now once the burn gets completely healed, you can start your scar treatment with the creams.

The scar treatment won’t work unless the burn is healed.

Many people make the mistake of applying the burn heal cream before it has healed completely and then complain that their creams are not working.

Of course, you have to work with a proper cream but also make sure your burn has at least taken four to six weeks to cool down.

Severe burns
With serious burns, you have to take expert advice.


You will have to work according to your doctor’s instructions. Sometimes the doctor’s graft skin from a skin bank or from your own body to help heal the burnt area.

The sooner you treat the burnt area, the sooner you can start using the creams.

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